Manufacturer of CNC Swiss Screw Machine Components.


Custom precision turned machining with full capabilities for your manufacturing needs

AT H&H Swiss we offer the manufacturing capabilities of three basic machine types, depending on the component diameter, material, configuration, tolerances, finishes and quantity of your custom part. Our process engineers have the flexibility of utilizing over 180 machines to assure the most capable, efficient and cost effective processes in the manufacturing of your part.


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  • Process and Support Engineering
  • Multiple Secondary Operation Capability
  • Machining from Coil and Bar Stock materials
  • Milling, Grinding, Broaching, Slotting, Bending and Crimping
  • Thread Rolling
  • Centerless, Through-feed and In-feed Grinding
  • Heat Treating, Plating and Coating
  • Special Packaging
  • PPAPs, Process Capabilities and First Articles


The most efficient manufacturing capabilities, the most experienced workforce and resourceful, responsive service ensured that your parts will be where you want them and when you want them.

That's the H&H Swiss commitment.

We can make this promise because of our tailored processes and experience in project planning that come from a long history of satisfying customers, no matter how precise the specs or how tight the deadline.


Tornos Swiss Automatic Screw Machines are at the heart of the H&H business. We have 118 automatics capable of producing the highest-precision components in quantities ranging from 100 to 1,000,000 pieces. Swiss automatics utilize a guide bushing to support the work piece and sliding headstock to ensure that tight tolerances and finishes are consistently maintained. Part configurations longer than 5 times their turned diameters are especially suited to Swiss machining. Many of our machines are equipped with automatic bar loaders to minimize loading time, spindle stop and indexing capabilities with live tooling to minimize secondary operations and variable speed CNC controllers to maximize output. Internally a minimum 1.67 Cpk is required for each key characteristic to assure process stability and capability before production is started. Maximum diameter capacity is .787".


Machining of complicated components in a wide variety of materials including Stainless Steels, Titanium, Special Alloys, Aluminum and Copper is accomplished on six Tornos Deco and two Citizen A20 CNCs. Flexibility of up to 12 axis with live tooling and capacity to 1.250" diameter allows H&H Swiss to produce your most exacting components in low to high volume production quantities.


With 55 Model D2 and D6 Escomatics, H&H Swiss is capable of machining .030" to .250" diameter components very efficiently. Coil fed machines, where the cutting tools revolve around the material, offer a significant advantage in minimizing load time and maximizing output. Where part configuration, quantity, material & tolerances allow for Escomatics, you can be assured of the most economical machining cost.


For parts that cannot be completely Swiss automatic screw machined at the primary operation, H&H Swiss has an extensive secondary department allowing us to provide various machining operations. Our process engineering team is constantly developing our manual, semi-automatic and fully automated equipment in supporting our customers' ever-expanding variety of production requirements.

In response to the increasing complexities of our customers' design requirements, we're often asked to provide engineering assistance in developing component parts that can be produced consistently and within budget.

Standard equipment includes: Standard Tool Model MSO five station rotary transfer machines, Technica 6 and 8 station rotary transfer machines, Snow vertical automatic drilling / tapping machines, Hartford Model 190 thread rolling machines and Burke automatic and manual feed horizontal milling machines.

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Machining of complex
components in a wide
variety of materials.

 Precision Turned Components